Stuart Wardle


Lead Physiotherapist

About Stuart

Stuart Wardle is a chartered physiotherapist and director of Recover Physio.

Stuart launched Recover Physio in 2012 after getting many requests for assessments and realising that the provision of physiotherapy in Norfolk was very limited. His aim was to create a first class physiotherapy service that did things a little differently. A service that offered results-driven treatment that was accessible to everyone, without the requirement for a GP referral.

“I get frustrated with the number of people who live in pain or discomfort and can’t do the things they want to do, or get the help they desperately need. I hear the same story all the time. Sufferers being told just to rest and take painkillers or that it’s just part of getting old. Our physio’s find out what the patient’s goals and expectations are and tailor the treatment specifically to those goals. This is so important and, sadly, so often overlooked.”

Stuart specialises in a broad range of treatments, including soft tissue therapy, sports injuries and post surgical rehabilitation.

His interests include hockey, which he has played competitively for over ten years.

Stuart is also an Associate Lecturer on Physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia.

Professional Education

MSc Rehabilitation Science (Physiotherapy)
BSc Sport and Exercise Science
PGDip Sports and Exercise Medicine