Is Ankle Pain slowing you down?

Why painkillers and visits to your GP are not the answer!

Most people who have experienced ankle pain tend to wake up one morning in more discomfort than when they went to sleep and therefore, understandably, think that the problem will go away just as quickly. That one morning they will wake up and get out of bed free of pain, able to be fully active again.

The problem though is that ankle pain can often be a result of multiple factors. It can have built up over weeks, months or even years, resulting from work stresses, sport stresses, etc. And the morning you wake up with increased pain can just be the cumulation of these.

ankle pain
Tom Luxton - Physiotherapist

Ankle pain

Does this sound like you?

Perhaps you have been to your doctor, who prescribed painkillers and an ankle support and told you to rest. To make another appointment if it gets worse. And then, several weeks later, you revisited your GP because nothing had changed, only to be given even stronger painkillers which still did nothing to help.

Maybe you are confused? You can’t work out what caused the pain? Different people are offering you conflicting advice, but you just want to get back to a normal active and pain-free life.

The ankle is a complicated joint. It can be difficult to work out exactly why you are getting your pain, often leading to confusing and contradictory advice.

Because of this, people understandably begin to accept their pain as just a part of life and resign themselves to the fact that they have no choice but to just live with it.

There is no reason to put up with Ankle Pain

If you are currently living with ankle pain, these are the 5 most common things we hear from patients just like you in our clinics:

  1. I thought the pain would simply go away on its own after a period of rest, but it didn’t.
  2. I went to the doctors, thinking they would help, but was prescribed painkillers which did nothing to relieve the pain.
  3. Friends told me that everyone gets pains as they get older, it’s just normal and you have to live with it.
  4. I’ve been to healthcare professionals in the past, but they weren’t able to help.
  5. I’ve tried resting and applying ice, but the pain simply won’t go away.

We are here to help

If any of these experiences sound familiar, then we would love to help you.

We understand that you have options when it comes to who you see for your healthcare so we want to make certain that you feel completely comfortable with us and confident about how we will help you recover.

We always listen to feedback from our patients and they told us that they really liked being able to speak to a Physiotherapist, for free, before their first appointment. It gave them the chance to ask questions about their problem and see if and how physiotherapy could benefit them. We always take the time to talk through your issues with you and to answer any questions you have.

At Recover Physio, our physiotherapists will work with you to fix your ankle pain and to keep it away permanently.

If you would like to know how the team at Recover Physio can help you live your life without ankle pain, why not speak to one of our friendly physios first? Just click below to request a callback from a member of our team!