Are you recovering from surgery?

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy can help!

On average, one in ten people in the UK will need surgery at some point in their lives and over a third of hospital admissions require surgery. And whilst surgery can successfully address many types of injury or health condition, it can leave many patients facing a long period of recovery and rehabilitation.

If you've undergone surgery yourself, then you may have found that your aftercare was rushed, or not up to the standards you'd hoped. This may have resulted in a longer recovery period than you'd wished for, which will most likely have impacted on your quality of life.

At Recover Physio, our aim is to help patients achieve a speedy and full recovery post surgery, through personalised and effective rehabilitation plans.

post surgery rehabilitation
Joe Cousens - Physiotherapist

post surgery rehabilitation

Recover Physio can help with all sorts of post surgical rehabilitation needs.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy after surgery is now considered essential to a quick recovery. Our therapists can help with advice and exercises to clear chest secretions, improve thoracic capacity, help with airway clearance and help reduce the chances of post surgical chest infections.

The aims of respiratory physiotherapy are:

  1. To facilitate removal of retained or profuse airway secretions.
  2. To optimise lung compliance and prevent lungs from collapsing.
  3. To decrease the work of breathing.
  4. To optimise the ventilation-perfusion ratio / improve gas exchange.

Cardiovascular physiotherapy

Cardiovascular physiotherapy can help to rebuild fitness after surgery for heart attacks, angina or stroke and help to prevent readmission for similar episodes. We can also advise on the gradual pacing of activities for safe returns to work or leisure activities.

Neurological surgery

Neurological surgery can be an enormous procedure, with many potential side effects caused either by the original symptoms that lead to the surgery, or from the surgery itself. Our therapists can help with relearning skills such as walking, movement, muscle control and rebuilding endurance following post-surgical fatigue. Physiotherapy can also help to rebuild proprioception (the ability to recognise where your body is in space) to help regain control of your limbs and avoid trips or falls.

Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery can involve damage to muscles and how they connect with joints and bones. Physiotherapy can help to rebuild these muscles and regain movement following joint replacements, broken bones or traumatic events such as car accidents.

If you have recently undergone surgery and feel like you are not getting the therapeutic aftercare that you need, why not speak to one of our friendly physios? Just click below to request a callback from a member of our team to find out how post surgery rehabilitation can help you!