Are you frustrated at being told that pain is just 'part of getting older'?

Do you feel painkillers and visits to the GP are not the answer!

As we age, our muscles naturally become weaker and our bones less dense. When people hear this, they often think there's no point in trying to change it, it's "just my age".

If you feel this way, you're certainly not alone. Blaming our age is something that's all too common and stops us from taking part in exercise for fear of making it worse. Did you know the answer is, in fact, the opposite. The right exercises can become even more important as we age.

age related rehabilitation
Callum McVeigh - Physiotherapist

age related rehabilitation

Have you put your symptoms down to old age?

If you have, you are not the only one. Age is the most common misdiagnosis we hear. Perhaps a family or friend has told you that "it's just your age" or "that's what happens when you get older", so you've dismissed the problem. By avoiding the problem, your pain is only likely to get worse, limiting the activities you most enjoy.

It is true that normal, age-related changes happen in the body as we get older. Most commonly, muscle weakness causes us to become less active, further contributing to muscular weakness. It can affect balance, hobbies and quality of life, and the tasks we once took for granted become much more difficult.

Age is not a diagnosis

Let's be very clear about this, age is not a diagnosis! It can't be. If that were the case, then how can some 80-year-olds still run 10k races, but some 50-year-olds are unable to walk down the stairs without significant pain? You shouldn't accept it as a reason for pain either.

There is always a real reason (or most likely a number of contributing factors) as to why you're suffering with pain. A good physiotherapist will never dismiss your problems as age-related. Whilst there may be some normal age-related changes, there are certainly ways we can help. After a full assessment, we'll devise a tailored exercise program for you, to help you keep as active, independent and safe as possible.

If you are currently living with pain, here are 5 common scenarios you may be familiar with:

  1. You have accepted that your pain is just because of your age.
  2. Your friends and family have told you that your pain is normal for someone your age.
  3. You are beginning to rely more heavily on others and are losing your independence.
  4. You have been to see your GP, who has also told you there's nothing you can do.
  5. You are increasingly worried about falling, and this makes you feel vulnerable.

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