Are you worried about the effects of prolonged sitting?

Why painkillers and visits to the GP are not the answer!

How are people who work 8 hours at a desk, 5 days a week, expected not to suffer with back, neck and shoulder pain? Isn't this just part of the job and something that you need to live with?

Sitting down at a desk, spending long hours travelling or even standing for a long time as a routine part of your day, is not something that should be ignored or considered acceptable. One of the common misconceptions of physiotherapy is that you have to have an injury in order to be treated. This is absolutely not the case.

postural realignment
Riddhi Shroff - Physiotherapist

postural realignment

Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does, you're certainly not alone. In the UK, it is estimated that around 80% of us spend up to 9 hours per day sitting at a desk. This certainly mirrors the numbers we see in clinic. There are many people who are struggling to find comfortable positions and understand exactly how they can change this for the better.

Left untreated, the effects of static posture can progressively worsen, which only increases the time it takes to make things better. Having a postural assessment prior to any pain or discomfort is a great way to take care of yourself for the longevity of your career or hobbies.

What exactly does it involve?

Postural realignment involves a postural assessment by one of our experienced physios. They are trained to know exactly what to look out for based on your occupation, goals or hobbies. They will provide advice and tailored exercises to help you improve your posture, relieve any pain and prevent any discomfort from recurring.

If you would like to find out more about how postural realignment can help you, speak to one of our friendly physios. Just click below to request a callback from a member of our team!