Alun Gibbs


Soft Tissue Therapist

About Alun

Alun Gibbs is a Level 5 BETEC clinical soft tissue therapist who is qualified to assess and treat neuromuscular injuries and muscular dysfunction. He trained at the Cambridge School of Sports Massage and is a member of the Institute of Soft Tissue Therapists.

In terms of his clinical approach, Alun believes that the 'Biopsychosocial model' is a key component to effective rehabilitative treatment, taking account of a client’s emotional, social and physical presentation. He advocates that these are key factors in understanding the source of injury and muscular dysfunction before choosing the correct treatment approach.

Alun has treated both national and international athletes, as well as clients from all walks of life. He believes that good quality rehabilitation cannot be rushed and that it is important to establish a return to good quality patterns of function movement before conditioning and strengthening areas of injury and dysfunction.

In his spare time Alun competes in triathlons, hill walking and wild camping, together with open water swimming and cold water meditation.

Professional Education

Level 5 BETEC Soft Tissue Therapy